Vet Consultation

Consult with our professional vets

Vet Consultation

Consult with our professional vets

24 X 7 Availability

We provide 24 X 7 vet consultations.


We are a panel of experienced and professional vets.


Get an instantaneous E-Prescription.

Free Follow-up

Get a free follow-up within 48 hours of consultation.

Your pet’s health is our responsibility.

We are proud to say that providing thousands of online consultation in covid times has made us the first choice of every pet parent to trust their pets with.

With our free follow up policy your pets health will become eazypeezy.

Book Online

Book for the consultation online, in few minutes by clicking the book now button below.

Consult Online

Consult the vet online at your own comfort, according to your availability.

Prescription And Follow-Up

Get an E-Prescription instantaneously and book for a free follow-up within 48 hours of consultation.


What our customers say about us

I wanted to learn how to tackle the active moods of my dog so I called ForFurs vet service. They gave me a lot of tips such as training the dogs and using treats as a prize. 


ForFurs provides dog walking  at very affordable rates and have trained walkers with them. Really satisfied by the customisation and services they provide. 

Thank you

Ishu Jain

The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. My dog was well looked after by the vet and I got very useful information at my comfort.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide online consultation for small animals like Birds, Turtles, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & large animals which include Buffalo, Cattle, Horses. The list doesn't only stand here, it goes on and on.
Yes, online vet consultation at ForFurs is completely safe and reliable as it is provided by veterinarians having more than 5+ years of clinical experience. We have already provided 6000+ consultations.
Yes, we also provide breed-specific knowledge charts in digital format to give our customers a hundred percent satisfaction with their consultation.
Yes, We at Forfurs have a continuously growing pet lover/parent community to which you will be added after you register on our website. We have always tried to create a comfortable and easy to access environment for our customers.
Yes, the consultation fees are completely refundable if you feel dissatisfied with our service. Furthermore, we will also contact you and try to help and understand your problem.
Yes, Forfurs will provide every type of assistance that you may require 24X7. From video calls with our certified and registered vets.
Its longevity depends on the case severity it will not end without satisfying you.