The Young Canine Saviour



“Animals are not toys that one can replace when their health deteriorates.” These are the words of Vaani who is currently a fifteen-year-old animal activist. In the span of one year, she has already rescued over fifteen abandoned animals and has helped them find new homes with loving families. 

She was just eight years old when she saw that her neighbors had abandoned their dog and tied him up on the street as he had developed a skin condition. At such a young age she decided that this is not the way to treat animals and that there should be a change in this kind of behavior.

Today she runs a successful Instagram page which has gained over one thousand followers in under a year. Her page has helped many rescued animals find a loving home and family. Vaani rescued her first dog in ninth grade from a shaft and has since gone onto helping many such animals. She further rescued four kittens and several dogs the following year. She ensured that all of them found a comfortable environment in a home which cherished them.

Vaani is strictly against buying animals and is very supportive towards adoption. Her parents have also supported her in this adventure and it is amazing to see the things she has achieved in such a short span of time. At first, Vaani and her parents did not have much knowledge on how to help the animals they were rescuing and how to find them a new shelter. Eventually, they gained all their knowledge through YouTube, Facebook and building connections along the way with vets and hospitals. 



Currently, Vaani has a very clear process and knows the steps needed to be taken to help animals. After she rescues the animals who have been abandoned or injured, she takes care of them and makes them feel comfortable. Then she tries to find top quality shelters and posts about the animal on her Instagram page where families who are looking to adopt reach out to her. She has a very thorough process of choosing the right family to ensure that the animal is taken care of in the future. She asks for Aadhar verifications, a house video to ensure that the environment is safe and even asks about illnesses in the family as the pandemic has caused a lot of problems for everyone in the past year.

She uses her pocket money as the main funding resource to help animals. Her parents and the followers of her social media page help her out as well. Vaani is not seeking fame, awards, or attention through her page and only wants to raise awareness. She wants that all animals should be treated with love, care and respect. She is currently trying to become a pure vegan and is trying her best to help all the animals around her.

Vaani is an aspiring veterinarian doctor and plans to open an NGO in the future. She further plans to start a brand that is cruelty-free. At the present moment, she is in tenth grade and the ForFurs family wishes her luck in her future endeavors. We believe that she will reach amazing heights and will achieve all her goals in life. It is truly heartwarming to see all the work she has done and we hope she gets immense support in the future.

-Avijit Mandal