The St(Ray) Of Sunshine

-Akshat Pathak

Akshat Pathak

Ever since Akshat Pathak was five years old he has been an animal lover and has been feeding stray dogs in his locality in Mumbai. Today, Akshat runs a successful Instagram page with tons of followers and has managed to rescue more than a hundred animals.


“It became an everyday routine for me, I used to feed the dogs first and then feed myself” he says. It has been ten years since he first started to feed stray dogs and has hasn’t looked back once. Initially, he didn’t have a lot of knowledge on how to help the rescued animals but soon he built connections with vets and hospitals in his city. 

His neighbours were the ones who told Akshat to start an organisation after they slowly started to take notice of all the amazing things he was doing around them. He started a page that posts both inspirational stories about pets and useful information on how to treat animals. Having started the page in January 2021, he has posted a lot of informative content in the span of these six months. His creative reels have helped a lot of people learn how to care for their pets.

He carries arounds a small first aid kit with him when he steps out of his house to help any animal in need. When his friends and him find an animal who is hurt or distressed, they try to help it themselves with proper care and treatment. If the animal is severely injured, they take it to a certified vet whom they have built a connection with and the animal is treated with great care.



Akshat has a professional PR team which handles his Instagram page and he plans to post more educational content on it soon. He has noticed a considerable amount of increase in donations and contacts after he started posting about his deeds on social media. Akshat’s family, neighbours, and volunteers provide the money for his impactful organisation. He wishes to expand his team and work with more like-minded individuals.

Akshat has recently passed his twelfth grade and wants to join a college while simultaneously working on his organisation. He wants to collab with more NGOs and register his organisation as an official NGO in the next six months. He is fascinated by veterinary sciences and wants to gain more knowledge about the same.

In the following months, Akshat wants to get a hundred dogs vaccinated and sterilized. He plans to get female dogs vaccinated and sterilized followed by the male dogs. He has already got fifty dogs vaccinated and sterilized in his locality. He is currently learning more about multi-vitamins, calcium supplements and the proper diet to give to animals in different cases. He even told us a fascinating story about coconut oil and how much of a difference even a single drop in excess can make.

Akshat aspires to provide all dogs in his locality with reflective collars and give them proper nutrition. He has big ambitions for his organisation and is on a great trajectory.

The Forfurs family wishes Akshat luck in all his future endeavours and we truly believe that he will achieve all his goals. Akshat is an exceptional person who wants to make a change in society. He wants to be known for the work he has put into his organisation and we are certain he will reach amazing heights. 

-Avijit Mandal