The Animal-Loving Law Student Behind ‘Adoption Planet’

-Archie Agarwal



Archie Agarwal has had a deep love for animals since she was a child. She used to feed several strays in her city as a kid. Today, Archie runs a successful organisation called ‘Adoption Planet’ and an Instagram page with more than two thousand followers. She has been working with NGOs for a long time and aims to start one herself someday. 


Archie used to live with her loving aunt who is an animal lover as well and she made Archie fall in love with them. It has been two years since Archie started her organisation. Feeding dogs has always been a hobby for her. It started when she rescued four adorable puppies in Bhopal and adopted them. Her page did not have a lot of followers at first but slowly it gained publicity and now has more than two thousand followers.

With a goal in mind to change the behaviour of humans towards animals, she joined an NGO called ‘PFA Bhopal’ to gain more knowledge. It was here that she learnt more about rescuing and adoption.


She has rescued more than one hundred animals in just eight months and has helped many others find a loving home. Archie follows a simple and thorough process to make sure the animals find the right home. She makes the interested families fill out an adoption form and asks for a house tour video. After that, she asks about the medical history of the family and conducts a counselling session for the family.

In case a student wants to adopt a pet, she first consults their parents and has a talk with them. Archie uses Instagram and Facebook to find families who want to adopt an animal.



‘Adoption Planet’ is connected with other NGOs like ‘PFA Bhopal’ and ‘Bhopal Rescue’ which help them raise funds to get over their financial hurdles. They seek out case-to-case financial help from other NGOs or raise money from their own families or neighbours. If the animal has a minor injury, they take care of it themselves. 

If the animal is severely injured and the operation would take more than eight to nine thousand rupees, they seek out help from other NGOs to raise money for the operation. Archie and her friends also receive calls and messages which help them find injured animals. If they find an injured animal late at night, para vets, as well as other veterinary doctors and hospitals help them


Archie is currently pursuing a BBA LLB and is in her fourth year of the course. She wants to become a lawyer and preferably work in the animal welfare field. She aspires to make changes in the society towards the treatment of animals.

Archie is a remarkable human being who has always helped animals in any way she can. The ForFurs family wishes her luck in all her future endeavors and hopes that she achieves all her goals. We know that she will reach astounding heights in her career and organization. It is truly heartwarming to see all the work that she has done and we hope she gets immense support in the future.

-Avijit Mandal