Making The Dogs ‘AARF’  With Joy



Simran was very young when she rescued a dog and brought him home for the first time. She raised the dog with her mother’s help. Presently, Simran and her mother run an NGO registered animal welfare organisation. Her organisation has helped more than seventy disabled animals.



It has been twelve years since they started their organization called ‘AARF’ in Naigaon I, Mumbai and have been working hard to make the world a better place for animals. Simran became an animal lover when she started to feed strays as a child. Even today, she feeds many cats and dogs in her locality. ‘AARF’ has had a Facebook and an Instagram page for a year and it has more than four thousand followers.


Simran used to feed dogs in her building and one of them gave birth to five puppies. Unfortunately, their mother passed away, so Simran rescued all five puppies. She even helped them find a lactating mother so that they can get proper nutrition. She went on to save six more puppies the next week and that was when she decided she wants to start an organization.

Her mom has always been there in all her adventures and has helped many animals find a loving home. Together they have saved more than three hundred animals. Recently, they saved two paralyzed dogs and are providing them with proper care and treatment.

When they get a rescue call or find an injured animal, they always try to help the animal on the spot. If the animal is severely injured, they take it to a vet. They have established many connections with vets and animal hospitals in their locality. Feeding five thousand dogs is a huge task but it is a goal that Simran and her mother have achieved with a lot of hard work.



AARF has been NGO-registered for two years. They decided to get NGO-registered as people in the locality kept pestering them about their animal shelter. Neighbours kept questioning them about the large number of animals in their home. As Simran and her family were renting their house, they had a fear of getting evicted as well. Getting NGO-registered has helped them, their locality, as well as all the animals near them.


Their page boasts of more than four thousand followers on Instagram and tons more on Facebook. These followers help them raise funds for their endeavors. Many of their followers even volunteer in their organization to help care for stray animals. They are very grateful for all the people who have helped and supported them. 

The ForFurs family is very proud of Simran for supporting the health and wellbeing of stray animals. We are in awe of her persistence against all odds and her commitment towards rescuing animals. We are certain that she will achieve great heights and help many more animals in the future. ForFurs vows to help AARF by providing online vet consultations and raising funds so that they can continue to be the ray of light in many animals’ lives.

-Avijit Mandal